Jean Paul Gaultier Spring 2010


Jean Paul Gaultier Spring 2010

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in other news my dad showed me this really tough shakespeare quiz and even with both of us working together we failed completely and utterly 

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we make fun of guys with their “no homo” but actually it would make life much easier if girls specified what degree of homo is intended in their compliments

You’re stronger than you know.

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J.S. Bach - Partita No.2 D-Moll, BWV (Hilary Hahn)

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thank you :) my hamlet fencing headcanons are my pride and joy

thank you :) my hamlet fencing headcanons are my pride and joy

fencing bouts go to 15 points. if the score is tied at 14-14 it’s called “la belle” because back in the day the custom was that you would use your most beautiful move, something elegant and clever that you’d probably been working on perfecting lately, to try to score the last touch.

that tradition’s mostly dead now, and the only bit most people engage in is saluting your opponent if you’re tied 14-14, but Hamlet loses so many bouts 14-15 because he still insists on using some ridiculous, theatrical move whenever he reaches la belle


i want a fic about sansa getting married to loras and margaery to renly then when everyone else is asleep margaery and loras high five each other every night when they meet in the corridor whilst changing rooms and they live happily ever after

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In honor of William Shakespeare’s 450th birthday, the theme song from the amazing series Slings & Arrows.

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i read shakespeare, therefore i amb

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