this season’s hot new look is ‘sexually available, just not to you’


an angel girl who’s girlfriend is a demon and at first they don’t want anybody to know but then god is like “my child do not worry about it it’s , as the kids are saying these days, “what ever”’ but satan is like “do I know this girl. let me meet her. is she a bad influence?” “dad she’s an angel” “damn I was really hoping she would be a bad influence”

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blingees are the last truly evocative postmodern expression of the raw human soul
“no they’re not”
you don’t appreciate ART, geoffrey.
they loved my blingees in berlin.

#geoffrey last month i saw a grown man weeping #WEEPING #at my production of our town produced via animated gif #i feel that the saturated use of garish text and images truly captured the sense of loss #of materialistic decay and the slow degredation of tradition #the fear that the play draws from that #that i felt was the only reading worth emphasizing #geoffrey have you ever thought of the potential a production of swan lake could have #if it was filmed #separated out frame by frame #and plastered liberally with the worst fucking sparkles you can imagine?#darren we dont produce ballets here #exACTLY GEOFFREY!!!!! #swan lake is beyond trite at this point in time but to reduce the movement to only the movement of #the dancing animated flames and sexy lips #could provide a lens through which the ballet can — well it cant be revitalized lets be honest #its a dead chewed up and spit out fucking EXHAUSTED #but perhaps would give this old dead horse a brief twitch of new life



i was just flicking through an old copy of Hamlet i got given last week and the footnote to act 1.2 line 160 “i’m glad to see you well” is so great.

"Overcome with the emotion of the soliloquy, Ham. does not at first see who has entered. When he does he…






a good omens AU where everything is the same but the bentley turns everything into taylor swift

#but imagine the demons trying to contact crowley in TAYLOR SWIFTS VOICE


#she’s cheer captain and i’m- LORD BEELZEBUB

you’ll be the prince and I’ll be the princess it’s a love story baby Y O U   C A N   H O P E   F O R   N O T H I N G   B U T   T H E   M E R C Y   O F   H E L L

“Bebop,” sniffed Aziraphale.

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…well, if you insist.

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shakespearean sass

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This is literally a Tumblr classroom.



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why do the Lannisters have such big beds?

because they push two twins together to make a king.

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